10 reasons to use video for your business

Recent studies at Video Usage at Startups  say that 86% of startups and 81% of all businesses use video for marketing purposes. Over 80% of owners are satisfied with the results and conversion. They feel that video is an important part of their marketing strategy. In 2019, it became one of the top marketing trends.

And here are 10 reasons why video-content will definitely help your business.

  • Videos help build a long-term relationship with the client and maximize loyalty


Trust is the most important component of any business, because it attracts the client. By adding, for example, a person’s voice to the animation, you automatically get a product that is already interesting to learn about. The initial goal should be to interact with the audience, not to sell the product.


  • Video+Google=❤️


Video content improves organic search rankings, and Google is the largest source of organic traffic. Moreover, video content forces the user to spend more time on the site and thus he gets high positions in Google search ranking.


  • Video-content is high conversion and good sales


The goal of any business is sales and research has proven that in this case, videos increase conversion by 80%. Based on the data provided by Wyzant, 74% of people who watched a video explorer about a product in the future buy this particular product.


  • Return on investment is guaranteed


In 83% of cases, investment in the video is returned. Yes, this may take some time, but sometimes the rush is not needed 🙂


  • Mobile users like it


Every year, YouTube’s mobile video views are up 100%. Mobile devices continue to replace desktops and video plays an important role here.


  • Do you plan to launch a product? 


Make a short demo video to please your viewers on launch day. When you release a video, you create a hype and add value to the launch.


  • Speed matters


In the 21st century, users have very little time and no one intends to read. Videos will help you quickly and clearly convey the essence of the product.


  • Use video on social networks


Most people are active users of social networks. Using video, for example, on Instagram improves the position of content in the detection algorithm. Video posts will get more engagement than images or just text.


  • Ideal for email-marketing


When creating a newsletter, it is best to use links to the video or immediately insert a GIF image in the letter. This increases the click rate.


  • Passive income!


You sleep, and the video works for you – that’s the whole secret 🙂 As the video gets more viewers, it draws traffic to the links in the description.

These 10 reasons perfectly prove that today the use of any video-content is the best option for business development. And our studio just offers you this opportunity 🙂