Animation in advertising of large companies

Why large companies use animation in advertising

Nowadays, the consumer is very “spoiled”. It keeps up to date, monitors trends, it can find the option “how best” in a matter of minutes thanks to the Internet.

The disease of the 21st century is advertising blindness and that is why it is increasingly difficult for large companies to attract and retain consumer attention. And it must be hooked because the brand loyalty in the market and sales depends on this.

Advertising — customer communication language

The company must speak the language of its customers. Therefore, large brands often revise their advertising campaigns and opt for newer engagement techniques. If earlier standard production shots were used, where it was necessary to show the product, the client and the emotion of joy, today they use 2D animation and 3D with great success. Classic frame-by-frame animation is also in demand, but users react best to mixing different techniques. More hype – play better 🙂

But, of course, the style of advertising is selected exclusively for the needs of the brand. What came up with McDonald’s might not be suitable for a dairy company. It all depends on how the brand positions itself in the market and on the conservatism of the marketing department. 

Animation: who is its target audience?

It would seem that animation is only for those brands whose target audience is young people. For a “serious” business in the field of, for example, air transportation, animation will definitely not be appropriate. But this is a big mistake.

With the help of animation, you can sell absolutely everything. The most important thing is to correctly understand the audience, its interests and needs. And it`s almost everything 🙂

Why we have to set a trend?

Companies appear every day more and more. It’s almost impossible to keep track of everyone. Many companies are drowning in competition and because of this they are very quickly forgotten. But there is a secret that keeps many brands afloat. They simply disconnect from the general flow and create trends themselves. And because of this, hype arises around their campaigns, which makes their market position only higher and stronger.

The most important thing for a brand is the ability to properly express itself. This increases recognition, attracts customers and increases sales. If this is relevant for large companies, then for young or startups – even more so. And the animation copes with this task at the highest level.

Animation: Why?

One of the key benefits of animation is price variability. It all depends on the complexity and duration of the video. If production advertising is estimated by the work shifts of the film crew, the rental of equipment and the film pavilion, then with animation everything is much simpler and, accordingly, the price is several times lower.

It should also be borne in mind that today each brand creates its own representation in social networks. Animation is a great option for visual content. With its help, a brand can easily conduct a dialogue with a client and be on the same wavelength with it.