Case study network of Mom’s pediatric dental clinic

Client: Mom’s pediatric dental clinic network

Project objective: to create a promotional video for attracting customers and for advertising on social networks.

About the case:

We analyzed the positioning of customers and developed the message that the company wants to convey to its audience:

This is dentistry for children, in which they will find an approach to each child, without screaming and tantrums. The child will not be afraid of dentists and the appointment with the dentist will cease to be the greatest fear. Here, children feel at home.

Based on these data, it was decided to create 6 short clips in 10 seconds. In total, 6 advantages of the clinic are described, in each video we reveal only one advantage. For example, in one of the videos we talk about the fact that such good doctors work in dentistry that even caries is satisfied.

Our main goal was to clearly form the perception “with this roller,” to this clinic I can entrust the health of the teeth of my children.

The company’s colors were used in the video. We also applied a warm gamut of colors, in particular a shade of yellow, which is associated with the sun, joy, happiness and comfort. When viewing, there should not be any negative associations, even when we talk about dental treatment, caries and other, rather unpleasant, things.

“You did not think that you can treat your teeth in a dream?” And what, then, will your child be calm? Yes, it’s possible with our doctors. ”

Using the materials that were provided to us, namely the company’s website, photographs of dentistry rooms and facades, we brought the illustrations closer to reality. The characters in the video are similar to real people, with pronounced features and proportional shapes.

Dentistry visualization 


Animated videos often use imbalance in human proportions and a freer drawing style. However, in this case it was not a good option. We are talking about the clinic and the doctors who are next to us, they are real and can help everyone who is faced with the issue of dental treatment in children.

Therefore, the appearance of the characters must be natural, welcoming and disposable ..


  • Six 10-second videos were created with a separate message in each.






  • Thanks to these videos, we have achieved increased brand awareness in the market
  • Also, with these videos, advertising campaigns were launched, which in turn contributed to increasing conversions to the landing page of the site.

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