How to Attract Customers With Video Explainer

What is a video explainer?

More than once in our blog we have talked about the fact that video is a win-win option to attract and convey to the client all the necessary information about the company. And an explorer can be the very first step that will help to attract attention and strengthen the position of the business.

Video explainer — is an explanatory video, a kind of instruction for the user. Its main task is to tell the client everything about the product or services of the company. 

Why does the company need an explainer?

Let’s imagine the situation: a potential client has appeared on the horizon. How can he quickly and effectively tell about what the company does? Just with the help of a video guide. After watching this video, a person will be able to clearly understand what the business is for and what benefits they can get from it. 

It should be remembered that an explainer is far from advertising. But it does not reduce its effectiveness and benefits in any way. The absence of a direct advertising message does not mean a reduction in conversion. Such videos on the site will help to increase the duration of the user’s stay on the page, the number of transitions, as the video format is perceived more easily than texts.

3 reasons why you probably need a video explainer.

Having figured out what a video explainer is and why business needs it, we need to answer the main question: Does my business need it? 

Your company will definitely need it because:

  1. For a new product or service it is ideal to quickly and easily tell potential customers about yourself.
  2. After watching this video, it is much easier and faster to bring the customer to the purchase, which also means that the failure rate will decrease significantly.
  3. Video explainer increases brand awareness and customer loyalty. It strengthens the business position in the market and attracts new customers.

WonderBloom Studio has been developing video explainers for years. And let’s not be shy — we do it at the highest level. See for yourself 🙂