How to Choose the Right Video Production Agency

Why animation?

Over the past few years the diversity of content on the market increased a lot. Each company struggles to differ, to create or develop its own unique style, that will be recognizable and attractive to customers. Video content becomes increasingly used for these purposes, whether vines or animation.

Historically, video shooting has always been a pleasure not from cheap. In the 2010s, however, it became a necessity. This happened for several reasons:

 • The meteoric rise of YouTube. It is the 2nd most visited website on the Internet today. 

 • Large number of brands started using YouTube platform to promote their products. 

Gradually, people started to like it. No burden of long posts reading, bright colors, dynamics – all this simplifies the chain of sales. Consequently, it’s a simple formula: ends justify investments.

Animation is about keeping pace with customers 

It is a must for a brand not only to remain on the same page with the existing customer, but also to attract new ones. Animation excellently fulfills this purpose.

Agencies — what, were and how to search

Follow this checklist and you will easily get an idea of how to hire the best agency that will meet your desired goals: 

  1. Attention or name? There are many agencies that are heard by everyone. These are huge corporations, with hundreds of employees and a large list of orders. Mostly they take large projects, such as television commercials. And maybe they just won’t be able to pay due attention if your project cannot boast of scale and large budgets. In this case, it is better to pay attention to small animation agencies. They do not have so many employees, so every project here is worked out to the smallest detail.
  2. Cases, cases, cases. So, you have a list of animation agencies to your taste. Now take a look at their portfolio. Pay attention to their style — do you like it? Will this animation style work best for your project? Browse cases in spheres similar to yours, look how they are presented. Consider this once making your decision. 
  3. Communicating with your agency is the last but not least, important point. There is a top three agencies that you like, but how to decide which one to hire? Now it’s time to communicate with the representative of each of them. It is important to communicate while you are in the planning phase (discussing your project theme, the most important aspects and the main aspirations towards the video project). If there is any discomfort at this stage — it might be better to try consulting other specialists. Communication issues will further add the complexity of the working process. 

Yes, you did it!

As you see, this isn’t that hard. Process systematization — is the key to success 🙂

To make things even simpler — contact us, WonderBloom animation agency. We are a team of experts who will make your project better and communication — way more clear and pleasant. Just take a look at our portfolio — commercials, explainer-videos, illustrations. Here you will definitely find what you were looking for!