Instagram — how to make a high quality account

Instagram is …

This whole story began almost 10 years ago, namely the fall of 2010. It was then that the first version of the Instagram application came out. The application was created initially only for iOS users, but after a few years any smartphone supported Instagram.

Instagram has changed a lot over 10 years. The design and the “filling” of the application itself have changed, but one thing has remained unchanged – this social network was created specifically for visual content.

Yes, of course, you can write cool texts under a photo or increase your engagement with text and polls in stories. But the first thing a person sees when they go to their profile is how the account is designed and what photos or videos are uploaded there.

Typical Instagram user

Yes, yes, there is such a term. This is a peculiar image of a happy and successful person who travels and at the same time makes money. But this does not mean that Instagram exists only for such users.

First of all, this social network will be useful to absolutely everyone — let you be the owner of a small business or the head of a corporation. On Instagram, you can build a personal brand or create an account for your business. The main thing is to learn to do it efficiently and correctly.

Checklist for proper design and maintenance of an account on Instagram

Everything is very simple — follow these simple points. We will build on the fact that you have already created an account.

  1. Profile heading. It seems that this little thing is not so important. But again, this is the first thing a user sees when they go to their profile. Therefore, pay attention to the design of this part, make it attractive and, most importantly, understandable.
  2. Remember the specifics of your business\brand. Everything in your account must be specific. If this is an expensive restaurant account, then it is unlikely that the photos of guests made on the hostess’s camera phone will be appropriate there.
  3. Tone of voice. This is also specific. “Voice of the brand” is an excerpt of a certain style in visual and textual plans. There should not be a discrepancy in the Instagram account.
  4. Content plans. To make Instagram work easier and not to get confused, it is best to develop monthly content plans for yourself. So you will definitely remember any post and know what to write about.
  5. Unified style of visual content. This is a simple aesthetic — it’s much nicer to look at a profile where all the visuals are designed in the same style. If you yourself find it difficult to cope with this, then it is better to use the help of designers.
  6. Hashtags. Just don’t get carried away, they won’t bring you a super result, and they can even play a cruel joke. Use either targeted hashtags or branded ones.
  7. Topical stories. Be sure to arrange them and do it all in the same style. This is a simple and beautiful way to show the user internal processes or, for example, cases.
  8. And most importantly – do everything sincerely, put yourself in the user’s place. Answer the question “Would I read / notice such a post myself?” every time before exhibiting something. Believe me, this will help you more than any other points 🙂