Is Stories in Instagram important?

The second life of Instagram

In 2016 Instagram started to give up its positions. Snapchat application started to gain popularity in the market. This happened for a very simple reason – people wanted to watch the lives of other people online. And Snapchat was closing this need at the highest level. 

That’s when Instagram rolled out the update. After Stories appeared there, he found a second life.

What is a Stories and how to live with them.

Let’s start with the definition. Stories is a feature in Instagram that allows you to share photos and short videos. You can also process photos and videos there with various filters, bumps and AR masks. The main feature is that they are shown exactly 24 hours and then only you can see them in the “Archive” section.

The functionality is quite extensive. That’s where you can do it:

  • Write any text on a colored background.
  • Go live with your subscribers.
  • Shoot a “loopy video” – boomerang.
  • Shoot video in feedback mode
  • Shoot video without holding down the button with your finger
  • Select and share a photo or video from your phone gallery

For the latter, it is important to keep in mind the format used for Stories. For the image to look harmonious it must be in 9:16 format and the size of 1080×1920 pixels. For video you can use .MOV, .MP4 or .GIF formats with a resolution of at least 720p. The file size should not exceed 2.3 GB and if you want to have 1 video = 1 Stories, it should not be longer than 15 seconds.

But what is the profit?

  1. They help increase coverage. Many users have already switched to the Instagram format, where the posts in the feed are not viewed, but the Stories is updated every few hours. In this way, you will be able to cover the whole array of your subscribers by using both posts and Stories.
  2. They help to involve the audience. You can conduct surveys, tests, quests, quizzes – whatever you think is necessary and interesting for your subscribers. People are interested in this kind of online activity and it’s all happening.
  3. Stories is very convenient to use for promotion of local business. If it is, for example, opening, you can share all the moments online. This format is very appealing to users and will attract new customers.
  4. Stories is also great for promoting a personal brand. Has a new post come out? Tell us about it at Stories! Use gamification, create surveys – be active. The format of stories allows you to interact with subscribers during the day and not be intrusive.
  5. Stories is for Native Advertising. This is a very convenient way to promote a product or product. Live photos or videos are used rather than staged retouched pictures. This inspires the confidence of the audience and creates loyalty to the product, and the budget of the advertising campaign includes only the fee of the blogger, you do not need to create a beautiful picture.

Templates for Stories

But live images will not always be suitable for this or that use of Stories. Still, sometimes we don’t want to take pictures or it can be just inappropriate. In this case, a great helper for you will be a bag with templates for Stories. This is 10-20 pictures in 9:16 format, which you can use as a background for a survey, a test, etc. These templates can be both static and animated.

The huge advantage of having a pack of 10-20 Stories templates assembled at once is that you don’t need to spend extra time inventing and developing a visual. It is possible to continue quietly to expose a Stories in a format “here and now”.

There are many applications that can make your Stories special for you. The most popular ones are Canva, Crello, Adobe Spark Post. In these applications you will find thousands of templates with high-quality graphics. But there is a small “but” – it is necessary to remember that these templates are not unique and besides you use them hundreds of thousands more people.

To develop unique templates, you need either to do a good job yourself in Photoshop or just contact specialists who will do all the work for you 🙂

We hope we have convinced you that Stories is a useful feature and should not be overlooked. Sign up, subscribe to our Instagram and watch us do Stories!