WonderBloom is a creative team of CGI artists, motion designers, professionals in the production of films, commercials, video clips. We can accomplish the most difficult and extraordinary tasks together!!


It’s not enough to say that we just do our job, we live and adhere to our common philosophy of attitudes towards work and life. Each one of us is in love with what we do, and so each project becomes part of us.

Our main task is to create a complex storytelling in understandable way preserving individuality of your product or your services.


Team WonderBloom develops design and style video, considering brand values of our client, that would give them a new expression of themselves, their values, a new vision of content and style of the brand.

Design and animation advertising is the tool that helps report about your brand, its values and tasks.

We are proud of the advantage of our high-quality design work to solve the problems of our customers!


Our videos increase consumer confidence and form the right perception of the brand.


You will definitely be proud of the results of our cooperation!

Why choose us

One of the key rules of our work and the philosophy of our brand is respect. Respect for our customer and their time. We perform only high-quality work based on creative and efficient work process. We adhere to all the conditions and agreements performing work on time. We work in accordance with legal norms.

High-level work

Each project— is a challenge to our creative ambitions. We develop video and design, which allow our clients to distinguish themselves, be remembered and communicate brand values to their audience. We are focused on contents. The best specialists should work for the company to be successful. This is definitely us!

Cohesive and effective team

Throughout all work you will interact with professionals who are involved in the work. We want to make cool result more, than the client does. Our experience has allowed us to develop strict working process with smoothly running communication, which allows focusing on quality of work and creativity.