We are WonderBloom, a team of design experts. We work under the guidance of an art director and a project manager. Each of us has experience from 3 to 7 years in various studios and production. We came together because we know exactly what mistakes should not be made in our work.

We have experience and knowledges that allow us to minimize edits, and make the result as cool and high-quality as possible. We offer a full production cycle – from script writing to implementation. Full immersion in the project, a fascinating and interesting video creation process, simple and clear communication with the client – this is all about our work process.

The main areas we work with are animation, illustration, motion design, compositing, creating special effects and 3D. Our videos help customers grow their business and draw attention to their services. Video, as a marketing tool, is a win-win strategy for any business mission. And we can create this video. And do it at the highest level.

We are involved in the animation world and we know how to make the video talk about your brand to the whole world. Our main task is to create complex storytelling in understandable way preserving individuality of your product or services.

Let’s make wonder together!

Why chosen us
One of the key rules of our work and the philosophy of our brand is respect. Respect for customer and time.
High-level work
We like to solve complex problems and talk about the product in the most interesting way. Each project for us is a challenge to our creative ambitions. We do projects that are worthy of attention, so that later we can proudly say that we did it!
Effective team
A team works on each project and each member contributes to the creation of a better product. We want to make cool result more, than the client.