Our projects
Promo video for a food company about the production of powder for making yoghurt
Olam Yoghurt – Explainer video
Leroy Merlin's advertising campaign for the beginning of the summer season
Leroy Merlin Ukraine – Advertising company
A series of promotional videos for the logistics company Vanongo
A series of promotional videos for the logistics company Vanongo
Promo video for a Singapore IT company with a development center in Ukraine
Explainer video for Code Crafted team
Explainer video for Adwatch company
We have developed a short video promo about a new startup - an application that allows you to sell various products over the Internet. It's fast, reliable and convenient
Explainer video for startup – Baajaar
Video about DHL employees who, like superheroes, deliver parcels anywhere in the world
DHL Everyday Superheroes
Promo video about a new product of the Fitofarm brand - lozenges against sore throat Extratherm
Promo video – pastilles Ekstraterm
We have developed a graphic video for the company's birthday. In the video, we talked about the 4 main areas of the company's work and showed a huge range of stores.
Leroy Merlin’s Birthday Commercial
Creation of a series of promo videos for advertising on social networks for the dental clinic "Mam's"
Promo ads for dental clinic “Mam’s”
Waytobi is a web KPI tracking, reporting and analysis software solution, designed to simplify the process of managing KPIs.
Explainer video for SaaS company Waytobi
Create a video and creative idea for the "Ferma" brand
TV Promo for Ferma brand
Quitna Breast Cancer Foundation Charity Project
Charity project against breast cancer
In this video we told what "animation" means to us, how it works and captures the audience.
Explainer video – Lets make wonder together
Creating a promotional video for a website
Explainer video – Look like
Illustrations for a kids learning English camp
Illustartions for DEC CAMP
Compositing reel
Compositing reel
Trypsse team has set the task to create a video that is available will talk about the benefits of using Trypsse.com
Explainer video – Tripsee
Presentation video about the new medical device
Explainer video – Sensor Breath
Explainer video – MaxPay