Rules for selecting corporate identity for the brand

What is a corporate identity?

Each brand wants to be recognizable and unique. But not everyone is good at it. Why not? Yes, yes, somebody did a bad job on creating a corporate identity.

Corporate identity is a graphic concept of content design, a kind of design of all brand accounts. This includes the logo, and corporate colors and fonts. Let’s look at the example of our studio – the combination of pink and black is striking, these are strong colors that are memorable.

Why work on corporate identity?

There are three reasons for that:

  1. Increasing recognizability. The original design will remain in the user’s memory.
  2. Comfort. When pre-designed templates for all headings, then work with content is much faster and easier.
  3. Uniqueness. Steal on the Internet — it’s easy. But if the brand and its content are recognizable, it will be harder to do.

What is the right design?

  • It has to be modern. It’s useful to track trends.
  • It has to be appropriate. Colors, fonts and so on must be appropriate…
  • It’s got to be in a similar style on all stages. It doesn’t have to be the same, but some elements have to be repeated.

How do you design a corporate identity?

In today’s world, not even a specialist can do a job that involves some knowledge. All thanks to free access to a ton of information. That is, if you don’t have a budget or just want to develop on your own, then the weight is certainly real. There are many designers in which you can create some good templates. We have already mentioned them before — it is Canva and Crello.

But still, it is better to contact a specialist, namely a designer. It does not cost a lot of money, but for this you will get a unique design, which for sure will not be a repeat of someone’s style. The designer will consider all your wishes and just make it cool 🙂