Top 7 Rules for Promoting YouTube Video Content

Modern world and video content

In one of our previous texts, we have already said that every year video content is gaining more and more speed. Here is some statistics for you:


We want to share with you 7 simple rules that will help you effectively promote your videos on YouTube. So, let’s do it!

What is needed for a successful promotion?

A lot of guys are sure that having shot a cool video or having posted a high-quality video on YouTube, they will gain thousands of views in an instant. Unfortunately, it is not so easy to capture the attention of a multi-million audience. Qualitative content is cool, but you should follow some rules.

1.Create the right name

Before uploading a video to YouTube, you need to research your audience and create a semantic core — think over what queries your audience will find you. Keyword search services will help you here, here are a few of them:

When thinking up a name, be sure to use keywords. This is a great way to attract free traffic and get into the top search engines. Plus, do not forget that an interesting, original video title = more clicks from users. Unusual and catchy headlines attract people. In order to come up with one you need to be aware of current trends, so do not forget to keep track of the news feed!

2.Make friends with metrics

Video content should be cool and useful — everyone knows that. And then it will surely gain thousands of subscribers. For this, it’s important to be able to analyze YouTube metrics. There are only five of them:

  • session time
  • viewing time
  • audience retention
  • audience engagement
  • сlickthrough rate (CTR)

Learn how to “read” and analyze these indicators and you will understand which videos most attract your target audience.

3.Do not forget about descriptive

There are several key points. First, the description of the video should begin with a key request. The second point — write more than 200 words. In this way, you will give YouTube algorithms more information for high-quality and accurate ranking. Write information clearly, clearly, and structured.

4.Know your place!

Don’t spray — clearly define the theme of your channel and try to shoot content in this vein. Thus, if you shoot training videos, they will be reflected in the “Education” section and included in the “Related Videos” lists. This will collect additional views and attract new users to the content.

5.Tags, tags, tags

Tags are keywords and queries. Thanks to them, users find the right videos. This is the most important tool for promoting videos on YouTube. Prescribe them separately for each video, taking into account the interests of the target audience.

6.Create a catchy visual

A bright picture is a win-win option for a video cover. It will be especially cool if you create a picture that reflects key queries. Only by looking at her will a person immediately realize that this particular video will close his need.

7.Let everyone know!

Make a special post on Facebook, post a story on Instagram, create a newsletter, make everyone around know that you have released a cool video! And you’re on top 🙂

What if there are ideas for the video, but how cool and high-quality to bring them to life you do not know? Everything is very simple here — contact us at WonderBloom! Our team will help not only realize your most unusual ideas, but also do it at the highest level😉