Why does your store need a Pinterest?

Social networks are about communication with the audience. 

In today’s world, any business needs to establish a representation in social networks. This works exclusively for the benefit of the brand — customer loyalty increases, new users come and communication with the audience becomes much easier.

Most companies limit themselves to popular platforms — Facebook, Instagram, some create a channel in Telegram. But many miss one important point: the choice of social network for representation directly depends on who you see your target audience. 

Do you have an Italian shoe shop? Hardly Twitter or Telegram will help you to find new customers, quicker register in Instagram.

You need a Pinterest! 

But still, do not forget that in addition to the “main” sites, there are other, no less important plaques for promotion. One of them is Pinterest, a visual search and social network. Thus, Pinterest brings 33% more customers to online stores than Facebook. And 200% more than Twitter.

As on any social network, Pinterest users can bark, share, add to their friends, save, and search for the image they want. The Pinterest principle is very simple. You register an account (there’s an account for normal use as well as a business profile), create mood boards and then share content within the network. These can be short videos, brushes, illustrations.  Pinterest is one of the ways to generate traffic, because you can attach a link to each picture. 

Ideal for products that can be visualized and for the target audience of women between 24 and 40 years old, Pinterest is the most popular Pinterest audience. Don’t be upset if the target audience of your brand doesn’t fall within this framework, as positive growth of network users is observed annually.   

And now let’s have a look at the statistics:

If you are a clothing store or an online store, Pinterest is just a must-have for you. By the way, the Ukrainian brand of shoes and bags Kacharovska actively uses this social network. The brand attracts customers by creating a hashtag with which they can share their photos with updates.

But this site is also suitable for promotion of your services, for example, if you run a culinary blog. But it should be remembered that it will not be relevant for everyone. Also here you can create whiteboards with images of products or attract someone else’s images to create themed boards. Perfectly illustrates the latest Aviasales account. Visualize blog posts by adding relevant illustrations or create infographics – the best approach for B2B brands in this network.  

Which Pins get the most Repins? Content for Pinterest

There are a few important points:

  • Pastel tones are beautiful, but in order to be “repainted” you need to make bright and captivating content. Add color to your visuals!
  • People like to perceive information in the easiest way possible. Show your users infographics, add a title to the image, do not forget about descriptions.
  • The most important thing is to make quality pins. Pinterest is primarily a visual social network. This is the most important thing that you should pay attention to, if you want to achieve effective promotion.

Why should your brand make an account with Pinterest?

Every year, more and more people prefer to consume information graphically without reading it. This explains the popularity of infographics, which has increased in recent years. Even if you don’t have your own designer or can’t visualize your business in any way – making inspiring collections with ideas, recipes, seashells for your users will never be superfluous. 

Just try to start collecting your own image collection on this social network. And then see how the number of followers of the brand grows. For example, we’ve been here for a long time.