Why We Should Make An Advertise On YouTube

YouTube phenomenon

Almost 15 years ago, in 2005, the first video was uploaded to the YouTube platform — Me At The Zoo. At that time, no one could imagine that in just a few years this service would become a powerful tool for making money for hundreds of people and companies.

The YouTube phenomenon is that it’s a platform that keeps up with its users. This resource has a powerful audience with a billion unique users. We can safely say that the future of media is connected with the development of YouTube.

Cost and Accommodation

It may seem that advertising on such a platform is expensive. But this is not so — on YouTube the advertiser pays not for impressions or for the video format, but for views. And only for those that last beyond 30 seconds. Take Facebook as an example —  local algorithm reads 3 seconds for a full viewing.

Such a 30-second “barrier” allows you to effectively use advertising budgets. By advertising on YouTube, you pay only for users who like the video and who are more likely to stay on the channel.

Content Diversity and YouTube

YouTube is a real abyss of content diversity. A bit of theory —  there are 3 types of content: these are hub, help and hero.

  • A hub is content that conveys the basic idea of ​​a channel. It is he who makes people subscribe and watch new videos.
  • Help is situational content. Most often, a video in this category is born due to some kind of info feed. For example, if the channel produces video reviews on headphones, then the release of the new Apple AirPods is an ideal occasion for help video.
  • Hero is the most complex and expensive content to produce. It’s impossible to shoot such videos every day, but they are the very magnet for a new audience.

If you properly balance all three types of content on your channel, then you will attract the very audience you were counting on.

All this confirms that YouTube ads will 100% reach your target audience. Why? After all, billions of users spend time here who are interested in completely different content!

Why YouTube

You can talk about the benefits of advertising on YouTube for a very long time. This platform is truly unique, it is a platform of the 21st century. At a minimum, its most important advantage is that any company or blogger will find a user here. And 100% advertising will have a response.

We are sure that there is no difference what kind of advertising you make – an animated video or a simple video with editing. The main thing is to make it understandable, cool and high-quality. This, of course, you can do it yourself, but it’s always better when professionals do it. And if you are looking for such, then you came to the address 🙂