Advertising campaign for the product HampWater


We developed this project with the advertising agency PowerPlant

Task: advertising campaign for water with hemp seed extract.
Hmm… interesting.

We have more and more such products, but such that the water… – we have not seen.
In fact, there will be no narcotic effect, but even the very thought of drinking such a drink leads to a special mood.

And our chicken with its inflammatory dances just conveys this mood.

At first, Nekuritsa appeared on teasers, warning that “Soon. Legally “you can buy Hemp Water in Silpo.

After that – in the reveals Nekuritsa showed us what Hemp Water Calm means – this is when you fall into a hammock and fall apart from the relaxation and pleasure of many little ones.

And Hemp Water Joy, this is when you dance like a god and radiate happiness.

And Hemp Water Insight is a luxury to go in … and come back only after insight.

To implement this project, we decided to use the technique of frame-by-frame animation, such animation allows you to make movements natural.


We have developed:

  • illustrations
  • animatic
  • frame – by – frame animation
  • 2D animation
  • casting announcer and recorded actor
  • developed unique tracks for video
  • sound design



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Agency: Powerplant
Creative: Anna Kostyleva, Natali Gromova
Account manager: Natali Kvartyuk
Storyboard: Natali Gromova

Production: WonderBloom
Art directing: Krystyna Zeljukina
Cell animation: Denis Spolitak
2D animation: Dmytro Krasakov
Voice acting: MartSound