Explainer video Fortuna International

Fortuna International is a team with a high level of awareness of hold preparation work. Extensive experience allows the company to respond to your request in the shortest possible time and mobilize staff within 24 hours, find the best way to your location and prepare all the necessary equipment.

And in our video we tried to show the whole process of cleaning the hold, from the problem to its solution.

We have developed:

  • video concept
  • script
  • storyboard
  • illustrations
  • animation
  • casting and recording of announcements
  • sound design


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Client: Fortuna Intarnational

Production: WonderBloom Production

Direction: Krystyna Zeljukina

Script: Stanislav Bulatsky

Storyboard: Ustina Shlykova

Illustrations: Krystyna Zeljukina, Yuliia Horokhovska

Character animation: Iryna Bocharova

Animation: Dmytro Krasakov

Sound design: Bogdan Lunai