Leroy Merlin Ukraine – Advertising company

Task: to develop an advertising campaign before the summer season.
Demonstrate the main directions of top products in this period, as well as create two directions of video for target audiences: for male audiences and for female audiences.

Solution: Show the problem in the video and solve the problem thanks to the brand. Visually, the frame changes after the appearance of the brand.
Also, this video format is easy to adapt to different products from the target product group, so the customer gets a working video template that can be used and promote different products.

We have developed:

– video concept and script

– illustrations

– animation

– casting of announcers and recording of soundtrack

– sound design

-short versions of video

-adaptation for social network

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Client: Leroy Merlin Ukraine

Production: WonderBloom Production

Script: Stanislav Bulatsky

Art direction: Kristina Zeljukina

Illustrations: Marina Mike

Animation: Dmitry Krasakov

Voice over: MartSound

Sound design: Bogdan Lunai