Leroy Merlin’s Birthday Commercial

Objective: to develop an advertising graphic for the birthday of Leroy Merlin in Ukraine.

Implementation: We decided to go the original way and combine animation, illustrations and collage from photos of real goods that are presented in the store.

Also in the video, we graphically showed 4 areas of the company’s work:

  • building
  • repairs
  • decorating
  • garden

The video is intended to be posted on the company’s YouTube channel. Also for posting on social networks.

Therefore, it was decided to build the script in such a way that the main information was in the first part of the video, and the sequential disclosure of each direction using graphics.

Do not hesitate to write to us and we will be happy to advise you on the project.


Client: Leroy Merlin Ukraine

Agency: WonderBloom Production

Artdirection: Kristina Zeljukina

Script: Stanislav Bulatsky

Illustrations: Marina Mile

Animation: Dmitry Krasakov

Sound design: Eduard Loskutov

Voiceover: Mart sound