Olam Yoghurt – Explainer video

In collaboration with Singapore-based creative agency click2view, we have developed a promotional video for Olam Food.
The main goal of the video was to show the benefits of the product, the carefulness in production and the verified proportions of the ingredients, thanks to which you can get more yoghurts with the least amount of powder.

The project was completed over 4 weeks, with the main focus of the video on detailing the illustrations and recreating the atmosphere of the laboratory.
We have developed:

-two options for style frames

-design of the chef



-recording voice acting

-adaptation for countries

-sound design

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Client: Olam Food

Agency:  click2view

Production: WonderBloom Production

Script: Artur Akhmetzyanov

Art direction: Kristina Zeljukina

Illustrations: Kristina Zeljukina

Animation: Iryna Shmulia, Dmitry Krasakov

Sound design: Bogdan Lunai