Promo video for Robocorp

This video was created together with our partners – Spinach Video

The main goal was to develop a dynamic promo for the company’s presentation on the YouTube platform.

We also decided to revive the company’s mascot – the monkey Mike, who in our video is actively jumping and completing the video.

Our agency has developed:

  • storyboard
  • illustrations
  • animation
  • sound design

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Client: Robocorp

Agency: Spinach Video

Production: WonderBloom Production

Direction: Krystyna Zeljukina

Project manager: Daria Popil (Spinach Video)

Project manager: Julia Satsuta (WonderBloom Production)

Script: Spinach Video

Storyboard/Illustrations: Yuliia Horokhovska

Animation: Dmytro Krasakov

Sound design: Bogdan Lunai